Friday, September 25, 2015

Too Late to set 2015-2016 Goals?

I'd like to think it's not too late to set some specific goals for the 2015-2016 school year.

I stumbled upon a blog post (read as: I fell down the rabbit hole of math teacher blogs today) and thought that creating a similar blog would be super helpful!

Classroom Environment/Teaching

  • Greet every student by name, everyday. I want to say each student's name out loud each day. There's something about being directly spoken to. I'd like to think I do this regularly, but I'm afraid there are some students that might not have their name said by their teacher each time they see them.
  • Use sites like Estimation 180 and Which One Doesn't Belong? to get kids talking about math (possibly as warm-ups?) 
  • Create a culture where students aren't afraid of making mistakes in class. (Think of the clip "Making mistakes makes us smarter.")
  • Make the classroom more cozy. It needs posters, etc! 
  • I want to revive my positive notes. In the past, I used to make it a point to give a student a positive note each day. One student per day (or sometimes all five on a Friday because that's when I had time for it.) I'd love to have the positive focus be on their perseverance in math, etc., but I am also happy just giving them some positive feedback for anything I noticed throughout the week. This not only makes the students feel good - it really made me feel good too! 
  • I'm using a brand new curriculum in Geometry this year - and it's fully Problem-Based. So I want to keep improving in my teaching practice where this is concerned (this is probably WAY to general to get a bullet point, but important for me to think about!)
  • My school is using Canvas this year. I want to use this in a way that makes sense to my students and isn't too crazy for me! 
  • Read more Blogs! I just signed up for Feedly, so I have a place to keep all the blogs I want to follow (though I'm looking for more!) 
  • Tweet! Join #slowmathchat more often. Attend Global Math Department Tuesday meetings when relevant. 


  1. Love it -- good thinking for us all!

  2. Love this! Your first one (along with others) is one of my goals too. So important to make a connection (if only a "hello") with each student every day. Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!