Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unknown Unknowns Project

Quick blog to share info on this project: 

I called it the "Unknown Unknowns" project, since there are many things my students don't know that they don't know....not sure if it's a perfect name...but it made sense to me! 

Here is the info I provided on a handout: 


Get ready mathletes!  It's time to learn some exciting mathematics! This project will require some hard work on your part, but I'm certain you will find the process rewarding.  I have come up with a list of possible topics. From those, we will sign up (I would like no two pairs to have the same topic!) for our topics.

Penrose Tiles
Pascal’s Triangle
Golden Ratio
Bridges of Konigsburg
Knot Theory
Mobius Strip
Game Theory
Math & Music
Voting Theory
Fibonacci Numbers
History of the Abacus
Four-color Theorem
Monty Hall Problem
Math & Modern Art
Zeno’s Paradoxes
Ada Lovelace
Parabolic Ski Design
Math NOT in base 10

The end result of the project will be a ten-minute presentation to our class (such as a Prezi or video).  Your presentation must be done on a computer.  Within the presentation, you must include some kind of activity for your audience to participate in. This could be a handout, quiz, activity, etc. I would also like a formal write-up of at least 300 words with citations. Through the course of the next couple weeks we will have some class time to work. So, be prepared to use that time wisely!

You must have at least three sources (non-wikipedia), and those sources must be cited (APA in text citations and References page). Each project must contain a historical component and images that make sense for your topic.

Timeline of Project Completion:

Monday, April 13 (Period 1)
Tuesday, April 14 (Period 7)
·            Project introduction
·            Topic Selection
Friday, April 17 (Period 1)
Monday, April 20 (Period 7)
·            Research time with Ms. Imhoff in our classroom
Friday, April 24
·            Progress Check (10 points)
·            Must be able to show some research completed at this point
Monday, May 4
·            Projects Due!
o   Turn in written portion and planned student activity
o   Upon request, be willing to show Ms. Reycer   your Prezi
Monday, May 11
·            Presentations Begin!
·            Ms. Reycer will email a schedule of presentations!

This was the timeline I used last year -- will probably try something similar in the Spring again -- but would love thoughts, suggestions, additions, etc! 

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  1. I love this idea! Many of my students would need more structure of what was required, perhaps in the form of a rubric or checklist, and depending on the class, more in-class research time. But it's a wonderful idea - thanks for sharing.