Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My ten(ish) Favorites from NCTMannual

How does one choose ten take-aways from such an awesome conference?

I'll try...

  1. The #MTBoS is real, awesome, fun, smart, and amazing! 
  2. Using a term such as "emergent bilingual" celebrates the fact that students speak two languages instead of making the important part that they are learning English. (Rochelle Gutierrez)
  3. Students often see schools as a "high stakes zone." This needs to change so we can see students' mistakes! (Eduardo Briceno)
  4. What people REALLY want is influence. The more we give our power away to empower others the more influence we'll gain. (Robert Kaplinsky)
  5. The greatest teaching looks silent - people can't see the furious paddling just under the surface of the water. (Peg Cagle) 
  6. Don't say anything a kid can say.
  7. There is strong evidence that cognitive abilities can be developed. (Growth Mindset!)
  8. Using problems with a context allow us to create sequels, where we can bring in the familiar elements, but demand deeper thinking. (Michael Fenton)
  9. Desmos is awesome. (I already knew this, but continue to verify it.) 
  10. Redesign your classroom clock to gain more time - talk less so students can talk more.
  11. One of my favorite pieces of technology is a blank piece of paper (Tracy Johnston Zager)
The conference was amazing. I'm already putting into practice some of the things I spent time talking and thinking about last week. I'm ready to reflect more, figure out where I can focus my energy for the remainder of the year and what awesome things I can do for next year!

A couple websites to check out (must-sees)

Jed Butler (@mathbutler): geogebra goodness (or, really, greatness!)

Geoff Krall (@emergentmath) : Problem-Based Curriculum Maps for 3rd grade - Algebra 2

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