Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 1 of PD/Meetings

What a long day! I was awake at 4am and sat on the couch drinking coffee with the dog (well...I was drinking coffee...he was just get the point!) and I was trying to do an assignment for today's full faculty meeting.

The prompt? It was to write a positive introduction. It was not about achievements or accolades, instead, it was supposed to show your strength of character. I seriously sat and stared at a blank computer screen for an hour. An hour. Then I kept asking myself whether or not I even HAD character. Man...the things your brain can do to you.

I got ready for work and felt kind of defeated. After talking to my mom on the drive in, I decided I would talk about my experience having a mini-stroke at the age of 22 and dealing with a TON of health issues (including two blood clots in my brain) during my teaching internship. I talked about how I could have given up and simply focused on my health issues, but I loved teaching (love it now too!) and yada yada yada. Honestly, I feel like it was a little bit of a cop out. But whatever. I'm going to move on. I really did enjoy the exercise. We got into groups of 4-5 and shared our stories. There was no interrupting during the story, and after we could ask clarifying questions. Then part of the "assignment" was to relay the strengths in character we heard in the story. I got to know three other colleagues a lot better through their stories, and I was really grateful for that!

In other big news, we now get jeans day EVERY FRIDAY!

I'm off to bed to rest up for another day at work. Tomorrow we start with department stuff!

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