Friday, August 12, 2016

MTBoS - the HGTV edition (part 1)

Okay...mostly because I'm at a loss for what to blog about (I stayed at home in my pajamas until well after noon today...though to be fair, I was working on the Jo Boaler "How to learn math for teachers" course, among other things...) I thought I'd post the transformation pics for the dining room and bathroom at the new house.

The original dining room:

Then...the "final" product: 

I'm loving the two tone...and eventually, we'd like to put a chair rail where the colors change. Buuuuut....given that it involves a miter saw (don't have one) and a nail will simply have to wait! 

Then, the master bathroom before: 

 (I understand the lighting isn't great...and I took these
with my iPhone...but seriously? THIS color?) 

 Then came the trouble with the new light fixture I bought! 
I couldn't get it to work...turned out it was the fixture...


Painting a bathroom (and kitchen...those pics will come later) is kind of terrible! There are so many things to tape off and so much cutting in....

Small, but we also replaced the light covers and electrical outlet covers in both rooms! (Those are the things you forget to buy at Home Depot that require another trip...) 

I learned that I hate cleaning out roller covers. And that I love rolling pan covers! Seriously...$0.98? OKAY! And a good paintbrush makes a huge difference. Also, I don't particularly care if the section behind the toilet is perfectly painted...I am certainly not removing the toilet to paint. AND, forming a straight line around the dining room at a (hopefully) consistent height IS NOT EASY. 

Look forward to another post (in maybe a week) about the living room and kitchen transformation! 

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  1. There are some mathematical lessons to be learned in that last paragraph... :) Seriously though, the dining room looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it with the chair rail! The colors you chose are so serene, especially compared to the originals! Thank you so much for sharing!