Thursday, August 25, 2016

My First Week Back...So Far

Wow! What a week!

Sunday night to Monday afternoon was spent at a retreat with all Juniors. Then students started school on Tuesday morning. We saw all our classes for 40 minutes. Each class looked a little different for me, but I did Sara V's 100 numbers and my Mrs. Reycer, by the Numbers intro presentation (see my last blog for that). I also decided that I would have students create their own presentation with numbers that represented them! So, they're working on those this week, among other things! (I decided to do that with all classes, even my Algebra 2 Honors and Pre-Calc classes, so we could get to know one another even better.

I also used Sara V's name tents with a feedback form. This has been my FAVORITE thing by far this week. I have communicated personally with students everyday. And I feel like I was able to answer their questions or have outside conversations when I needed to (for instance one student decided to drop from our Pre-Calc to FST and the conversation was started with me through his feedback form.).

I'm also on a rotating schedule, so strangely, the way my two sections of Geometry Honors fell, it would make it so that I'd ALWAYS be doing something different with my two sections. I changed that by doing a "one-off" activity in my first period class today. It was amazing! I took Justin Aion's idea and asked the kids, "What is a sandwich?" It went SO well! And then we talked through a couple math problems and the class was over. Definitely felt worthwhile...even though for the majority of class we were discussing sandwiches. The kids LOVED it.

It has been an amazing week. I'm happy tomorrow is Friday! (And for the first time in my four years at this school EVERY Friday is Jeans day - instead of only sometimes! Woohoo!!!)

The kids during the 100 #s activity on Day 1! 

The flowers my wife sent me on Day 1! 

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