Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Fitness Routine & Community

Some of you may know that during the school year, I wake at 4am (4 days a week...I sleep in until 5am on my day off), drink coffee with my wife, then head to OrangeTheory for a workout. Then home to shower and get ready.

This has not always been me though. The day of my college graduation, I had reached my heaviest weight (290 pounds) and was incredibly unhealthy. I had also suffered from a mini-stroke that summer (blood clot in my brain as a side-effect from birth control...more likely to happen if you're overweight and a smoker...which I was). I had a tumultuous summer dealing with meds and health issues - and the day I graduated college I was managing my pain well, but not feeling great about my health. I decided I had to do something. I got a free account on a calorie counting website - and the adventure began!
At my heaviest. 

I started tracking calories and finding success. But I became most successful when I found a group of folks with similar goals (sound like the #MTBoS to you?) Within the site I had signed up on, I stumbled upon a thread titled "Girls in their 20s who want to lose about 100 pounds." Well...that was me! I found the most amazing women on that thread! Some of them I got to know incredibly well (and we now have a private facebook group that we STILL use!) We have exchanged phone numbers, we check in, we keep each other accountable. It is amazing. They GET me. They GET my struggles with food...and even if they don't, they don't shame me. It is seriously amazing having a group of folks who understand you. 

I successfully lost quite a bit of weight. Then I lost some more. Then I gained some back. Then I lost it again. I have maintained right around the same weight for awhile - and though I try to say I don't have an ultimate goal for the scale, I would love to lose a few more pounds. Overall, I want to feel fit and healthy! That's more important than any stupid scale number. 

A day I felt REALLY good about myself!

I digress. I am in a much better place with my food issues (struggled with sneak eating and binge eating for years and years) and workouts. And keeping my routine during the school year is SO important to me. Luckily, my wife also understands how important workouts/eats are and we are both okay with going to bed early in order to wake up early! I'll say that it's SO much easier to get up at 4am when my wife is ALSO getting up at 4am. 

We also spend a good chunk of time on Sundays planning food, and sometimes prepping food so we can set ourselves up for success for the week! (Not so much during the summers...so this will start back up on Sunday!) 

I always have a better day if I have workout out and my eats are on point! That's all for today. If you're interested in checking out my personal blog, you can here


  1. Congratulations! I have always struggled with my weight, so I identify 100% with your post. Well, other than the 4am thing :) I can get up and exercise in the summer, but when school starts, I'm an evening exerciser. :)