Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"One" Good Thing

The purpose of making blogging my #1TMCThing was so that I would reflect on my practice a bit more. That said, I'm kind of grumpy today and instead I thought I would share a few (not really one) good things about my week so far...maybe I'll get to that reflective blog post later this week (when I'm not exhausted from Back to School night!)

My good photos:

I know so many others on Twitter have said it...but I LOVED doing the name tents. Those have seriously been one of things I know I will continue to do each year as I get to know my students. Luckily, I only have 65 it made doing these a bit easier than it would be for others.

Today in Geometry, a few girls went up to try this problem on the board, even though they were unsure of their work and their answer. I loved having that attitude, and I loved the comment they wrote to go along with it.

Students are really digging in and getting to the math - this is one of my classes writing up problems upon arriving to class.

I got this note from a family at Back to School Night last night. They also told me how much their daughter loves having me as a teacher! It REALLY made my night/week!!!

Hopefully I'll have a bit of energy to write more about my week in regards to teaching later! For now...I'll settle for the good things!

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