Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Painting and Planning

(Blaugust Day 2!) Today I got back to my normal workout at OrangeTheory Fitness, did a Home Depot run (apparently these happen more days than not recently), and worked on the upstairs bathroom ALL DAY. It was a hideous orange color (see below) and we're attempting to transform it to something not so eye gauging. (Pictures to come later). I had to detatch the doors, I struggled with the painters tape (and why are there SO many things to tape in a bathroom?), I poured the paint and forgot that I hadn't sanded the spackle yet....man...what a day. I got one coat done by around 5:30pm.

Painting the bathroom (even just the first coat!) made me realize how important it is to PLAN. As I see other teachers start thinking about their first day/week back to school, I have begun thinking about my plans for those first few days. I have a few ideas, nothing substantial yet. But it is important to fully plan it. And no syllabus reading either. Let's get busy doing math on day one! Do you have an activity you love? I would love to have math activities and class-building activities (and maybe not use the same activities I've used for so long!) Feel free to tweet them to me, or leave a comment! I am getting excited!

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  1. I'm thinking about using 100 Numbers (Blogged about by Sarah Vanderwerf here: https://saravanderwerf.com/2015/12/07/100-numbers-to-get-students-talking/) as my first day activity. She has some other good group tasks listed on that post for day 2.