Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer "Bucket" List

Summer is winding fact, I spent time at school 4 days this week (I refuse to go in tomorrow though!) I have my first couple of days planned for Geometry and some work for Algebra II ready. And lists. All the lists.

But...those can wait until next week (at least some of it!) For now, this is what remains of my summer "bucket list." (This includes work to be done by the wife and with the help from a couple friends this weekend).

  • Finish painting the fireplace
  • Paint walls in living room
  • Sand and paint ceiling in living room (post popcorn ceiling) 
  • Paint Bedroom
  • Touch up paint around the house
  • Spray paint Fireplace "cover" (insert? hearth? I don't know what to call this...) 
  • Tidy up the yard
Ideally, I'd like to do a hike or two...but we have a house-warming party on the 20th. So...that probably won't happen. BUT...maybe the weekend after students start back. I report Monday. Then we have retreats the following Sunday (21st-22nd). Then students are there for Day 1 on the 23rd! 

It's happening, folks! Not quite the most fun "bucket list" ever...but I'll be happy that a lot of the home projects we wanted done are checked off before I start back to school! 

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  1. We need pictures!! :) I have loved reading your house reno posts, (almost) makes me want to do a project or two around here! #maybenot #summerisover