Saturday, August 6, 2016

Technological Delight

This post is going to be short and simple - as today was an exhausting day (another one) of house projects. I painted the first coat in the kitchen while my wife and her friend did the first coat of primer on our fireplace (it was a gross yellowish beige and we're whitewashing it). After a brief break, showers, and dinner, we put the second cost of primer on. While we did, we listened to the podcast More Perfect (from the same creators as Radio Lab). Normally, I listen to all my podcasts on 1.5 speed. This helps me get through an entire podcast on my drive home. I am also taking an online course right now and I watch all the videos at 1.5 speed. It is awesome - really saves an incredible amount amount of time...and it's these small tech things that I occasionally delight in. I will also say though, that when I slowed it back back down to normal speed tonight so I could listen with my wife, I actually found I enjoyed it more. it more beneficial or not? This is what I'm pondering as I lay down. These are the thoughts that keep me up and night. That, and whether or not we need a permit to have a bonfire in our backyard. And how many days there are until Christmas.

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