Thursday, August 4, 2016


I'm incredibly tired, but trying to keep with the MTBoS Blaugust challenge. So, a few words of wisdom.

I was interviewed last summer for an alumni magazine and the gentleman on the phone asked me where I saw myself in five years. I kind of paused and thought about it. My response, "I guess I'll just be an even better teacher than I am now."

(Side note: I have since been working on taking the word "just" out of my vocabulary entirely.)

I continued to tell the interviewer that there aren't really promotions in education. That if you ever want to make more money, maybe you go into admin or coaching (not saying these positions always come with pay increases). I told him that my favorite part of the job was the actual teaching - and I can't imagine not doing that, or giving it up voluntarily. In fact, when I was out of work for two weeks in May because of my surgery/herniated disc, I missed it! I miss it now!

All this to say that I'm okay with being an even better teacher than I am now in four more years. Or in ten more years. I simply want to keep pushing myself to grow as a learner and teacher.

My current favorite quote that semi-relates:
"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

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