Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Updates/Changes to my PBL Classroom

I spent the last figuring out what this whole PBL thing was...and after one year, I have figured out that I still have so much to learn! In June (just after TMC), I went to a PBL Summit at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. I tried to go through my notes and summarize what I'd like to change/add/etc/etc in my Geometry class this goes (I already know the list is too long...)

  1. Have a "unit" before we get into the Geometry book that is a "review" unit - so the only new thing is the class structure, not the math/material.
  2. Use partner quizzes to get students comfortable/prepared for their first assessment (there is generally a lot of anxiety about these, as they contain novel problems and require a lot of problem solving & critical thinking).
  3. Use journals more regularly! Add prompts/exit tickets, etc. Make sure to give students low stakes opportunities to write about mathematics. 
  4. As a review before assessments, carve out time for students to add to their own glossary as a way to summarize main ideas.
  5. Take lots of videos and pictures.
  6. Communicate more with faculty and admin about what we're doing: invite to observe, mock classroom, letter to parents
  7. Put up a sign that says WDYDWYDKWTD? (See if students can figure it out....can you?) 
I think that's all...

Except for my increased blogging (already started!) and having feedback meetings with students. I want to do those for all classes! 

I want to be at school working on plans, decorating my room, getting my office in order, but I also want to keep working on home projects! (Second coat on the bathroom is DONE! I need to install the new light fixture tomorrow and start taping off the kitchen!) Ah! Too much to do! 

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  1. Figured the acronym out and love the idea! :)