Thursday, September 8, 2016

Selected journal responses...

I had my freshmen write a journal response last week and here are a few highlighted pieces:

"So far, I've been absolutely rekd by a couple math problems, but I know that I can ask my dad for help. It has SUCKED to have so few classes with my friends and (insert name of person here). But I've channeled my inner-early-career Beyonce ('I'm a survivor, I'm not gon' give up.') I've learned that I can do more math than I thought, and that I can think on my own more than I thought in math terms"

Early-career Bey

"The challenges I faced [this week] were correlated to my successes. I had to push myself to try and find clues that would help. This mostly took time, and was a good thinking struggle."

"I just love the new style, plain and simple." (talking about PBL)

"It was very shocking to find out that there is no such thing as a natural math student. Since Kindergarten even, it seemed like some students were able to grasp concepts easier, however I was surprised to find that we just need more information to learn more."

"In the past, I've struggled with participation and now, I feel super comfortable with my class and sharing my ideas."

Do yourself a favor and grade that stack of journals at school if you can!

Grading journals is incredibly time consuming, but I think it's one of many things I have done in the first few weeks to build a classroom community that I'm convinced will help us learn math together. I got to laugh a bit, and I learned a ton about my students! I hope to blog tomorrow or sometime this weekend about the other things that we have spent a good chunk of class time doing (apart from the math) that have been worth every minute!

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