Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sharing My Story

Recently (read as at least a week ago), I read Sam Shah's blog about his Notes on the Beginning of the School Year.  I loved the idea of getting to know my advisees better by first sharing some information about myself and then making individual appointments with each student. I framed it as telling them "My Story." least parts of my story, because...I can't tell them my story in 8 minutes.

I talked about growing up in Michigan, my parents getting divorced when I was in second grade, living with my grandparents through high school, and working really hard to make sure I went to college. I told them about teaching at my first school and how I realized my last year there that I really wanted to leave Michigan. I told them the story of how I came to end up at my current school. And how when I left everyone I ever knew and all the preconceived notions of who I was supposed to be, that I was able to be my most authentic self. I was able to come out as gay when I moved to Colorado. I found my wife, I embraced who I am.

I would like to think it was a pretty powerful 8 minutes. I have set up meetings with them over the next two weeks and I'm really looking forward to hearing their stories!

Just because. 

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