Sunday, January 8, 2017

These are two of my favorite things!

This week, my phone has changed the way we do things in class (and the suggestion by @cmmteach of the #MTBoS). Often, I find that I want to students to share their work in class, but it always takes so long for them to write it on the board (especially in Geometry, when we have sometimes complicated figures that go with our work). SO, I have begun snapping a picture of their work, then sending it to Google Drive (must have the app on your phone) and almost immediately opening it on my computer! The student will go up and walk us through the work. Something that might be interesting as well is to take a lot of photos during their work and pause when I come to a really interesting solution. Then we could display that one and see if other students are able to explain it.

 I understand here that I could air drop, but it doesn't
 work when I'm on the school's network!

It's a small thing, and one a lot of folks already use...but I have been loving it!

The second thing is less related to work, but has been super fun and works with my Type A-ness. That thing is Bullet Journaling. I live for being able to check items off a list. And my weekly layout is essentially a combination of my to-do lists for each day. On top of that, it also allows me to track certain things, like whether or not I made my bed or drank enough water. This might sound terrible to some, but I have been digging it! I get most of ideas for layouts from either Pinterest or Instagram!

Those are the two favorites for me in this moment! I'm looking forward to reading about everyone else's favorites!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thing about Google Drive and taking photos of student work. We don't have doc cams, but there are times I would love to share things. I had seen this idea before, but thank you for reminding me of it again and how to implement it.