Monday, January 2, 2017

You say Goodbye, I say Hello!

I was telling my wife as we were setting goals for 2017, that it almost doesn't feel like a new year to me. August feels more like a new year as a teacher. That said, we're getting ready to start a new semester tomorrow and it will be a great time to try some new things and make some new goals!

2016 has been an interesting year! I had spine surgery in May that took me out of the classroom for the rest of the school year. Because of that surgery, I feel like a new person! I didn't know what it was like to NOT have chronic pain!

My wife and I bought a house this summer. We did a lot of work on it ourselves, turning our garage into a home gym, painting 5 rooms, removing a popcorn ceiling (okay, so I personally did NO work on that one...), and we have some upcoming projects too!

I started my ninth year of teaching in August! Along with the other Algebra 2 Honors teacher at my school, we ditched the textbook (as a main resource anyway) and chose to do our own thing. It has been very time consuming, but worth it! That said, with two other preps, those took the backseat. My goal is to put more effort into those other two classes this semester. I went into work over break to work on all my classes, and I feel like I'm in a great spot to start the new semester! (I'm happy to share this with you if you'd like it - send along your email address in a DM on twitter and I'll give you reading permissions on our Algebra 2 folder in Google drive!) (Our naming conventions changed during our last unit).

Goals for 2017:

I want to blog more consistently. I set my goal at 1-2 times per month for now, as I think it's completely doable. If I do more than that, so be it!

I want to read at least two professional books - starting with Tracy Zager's new book! I sent an email to my department chair asking if I could buy it with department money....we'll see what happens!

I want to re-engage in the #MTBoS on twitter. After the election, I crawled into a hole and didn't want to face the world....but I need my math folks. You all make my life better!

Apart from my professional goals, I set a goal of working out at least 275 hours in 2017 (my #fitbos goal) and I want to workout an average of 5x per week - for a total of 260 workouts (including hiking). I want to learn calligraphy this year, work on my friendships - both new and old, and make sure my wife and I have at least one date night per month!

Happy 2017 all! I'm looking forward to being/staying more connected with all of you!!


  1. Is there another way to reach you? This summer I plan on writing an Algebra 2 and Honors Algebra 2 curriculum, and viewing your materials would really help! I was unable to send a DM on Twitter. :(

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